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THE GREAT OUTDOORS — As spring shakes out its final batch of storms, there are clear skies and warmer weather on the horizon. Not to mention that fact that many of Utah’s lakes and reservoirs will be filled to the highest levels in years.

Yes, this will be an amazing summer season for outdoor adventures. Here is a handful of outdoor products you may want to check out.

Costa Cook Sunglasses

PRICE: $219


Most people buy Costa sunglasses for the lenses, which have 100 percent UV light blockage and eliminate reflected glare so effectively that it saves your eyes a lot of strain. It should also be noted that they provide crisp vision that helps you see into the water and discern depth. Any advantage you can have while fishing is good, making Costas a top choice for many guides.

With Costa’s Cook sunglasses, however, the frames actually rise to the occasion and rival the lenses for wow factor. They’re unbelievably lightweight and comfy, with added flexibility near the temples. This description may make the frames sound a little flimsy, but they’re still built tough. And there’s Hydrolite material on the temples to give them tackiness, so they won’t slip off your face when wet.

Thanks to the unique frames on these aviators, they’re easily one of the best entries in Costa’s long line products.