Costa Reefton Glasses Review

Sunglasses are an often overlooked critical piece of fishing equipment. Your power of observation is as equally as important as your ability to cast, especially when fishing shallow. I’ve been wearing the new Reefton frames and lenses from Costa since early this spring. 

The Reefton is named for a town in New Zealand rich with rivers and some of the finest freshwater fishing in the world. These frames in combination with Costa’s 580 lenses were made with exploring new waters in mind.

Costa Reefton mirror copper lenses and matte blue frame / Jason Sealock

The frames feature a large footprint for not only bigger heads but also for way more coverage area and side glare blocking for long days on the water. Eye fatigue is a very overlooked factor in fishing. If you fish long days, several days in a row and especially when you fish shallow, your eyes will suffer tremendous fatigue with out strong sunglasses with protective lenses and glare blocking coatings.

Their layered 580G lenses feature some of the best yellow light blocking, high energy blue light absorbing polarized encapsulated mirror lenses available on any sunglasses anywhere. So it cuts out the bad light, filters the light spectrum to give you much improved clarity with a lot less strain and effort. The offer them in colors that can filter all the varieties of light from dark cloudy morning to bright sunny afternoons.


Review by: Jason Sealock

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