Become the Alpha Cook in Your Backcountry Kitchen Crew



Who doesn’t like a hearty meal at the end of a long backpacking day? Nobody, right? Yet for many outdoor enthusiasts, an evening meal has come to mean boiling water and adding it to a bag of freeze-dried food. Not that there’s anything wrong with the occasional freeze-dried meal; but they contain a lot of sodium, they are expensive, and they can take agonizingly long to reconstitute, especially at altitude. And, perhaps the biggest factor – they rob you of the romance of preparing a meal out in the backcountry.


Image by: Madelaine Afshar

Some backpackers respond that they would cook more open-air meals, but they are concerned that measuring, cutting, pouring, straining, storing leftovers and so on requires carrying extra gear. If you’ve read our Camp Cuisine blog post, you’ll know that ‘extra gear’ can be replaced with ‘the right gear and a little ingenuity’.

But – there’s another factor. At a recent cook-out organized by Sea to Summit, here are some comments we heard from would-be gourmets about their existing gear:

“I’ve tried using pot lifters, but they actually bend the rim of the pot”
“I like the weight of my titanium cook set, but I just get a hot spot in the middle of the pot base”
“My current pot is just too tall and too narrow to really cook in”
“The wobbly handle on my pot sketches me out when it is full of hot food”

Clearly, a need exists for a better set of outdoor cookware.

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Costa Adds Cape and Montauk Styles for Anglers

From Payne Outdoors

“As we began designing our new frames for anglers, we focused on the Costa mission to stand up to every adventure on and off the water,” said John Sanchez, vice president of product design for Costa. “Helping our customers explore and perform at their very best while protecting their eyes is what inspires us. We added features to help anglers find more fish by standing up to the toughest elements, and still made them ultra-lightweight with anti-fogging and sweat-management capabilities.”

About Costa
As the leading manufacturer of the world’s clearest polarized performance sunglasses, Costa offers superior lens technology and unparalleled fit and durability. Still handcrafted today in Florida, Costa has created the highest quality, best performing sunglasses and prescription sunglasses (Rx) for outdoor enthusiasts since 1983.

Born on the water, Costa works hard to protect the waters it calls home. Through programs like its Kick Plastic campaign, where the brand seeks to raise awareness about the growing plastic pollution problem threatening oceans worldwide, to serving as a long-term partner to shark research organization OCEARCH, Costa encourages people to help protect the Earth’s natural resources in any way they can.

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Birth of Sea To Summit


“Summiting Everest is great and all, but you didn’t really climb all of Everest…if you didn’t start at the sea!” A friend pointed out to him at a pub in Australia one night after his return from his first ascent of Everest.

It was after this conversation in 1986 that the planning began to ascend all of Mount Everest’s 29,029 feet. In February of 1990, he took off. The gear he used and lessons he learned on the three-month, 700-mile journey inspired Macartney-Snape and a friend, Roland Tyson, to create the gear brand Sea to Summit. The brand is thriving today and its name honors the first and only ascent of Mount Everest in its entirety.

Bay Of Bengal: 1990

A brief swim in the Bay of Bengal cued the start of his expedition across the country of India and up the tallest mountain in the world. He would go on foot, followed by a small film crew across the Gangetic plain, over the border of Nepal, and to base camp. Then he would take on the summit, alone.

Through tropical rainforests, dense jungle, and countless river crossings he eventually reached Nepal — 375 miles (600km) from his starting point. At this time, local conflict shut down the border crossing he planned to use.

Needing to make it to basecamp in time for climbing season and to allow for proper acclimatization he sought an alternative route. He heard that 185 miles (300km) south another border was open.

After a quick calculation, he started running. It simply wasn’t an option to sit and wait for a border crossing that may never open. Though, running nearly a marathon a day for five days to get through the open border and back to the spot he intended to cross, was an option, so that’s what he did.

Reaching Everest Basecamp

He made it to basecamp in early April and spent the next four-to-five weeks acclimatizing before making a push for the summit.

The original plan was to summit via the west face. Inclement weather shut down that option leaving Everest’s most popular route as his next choice.

On May 11, Macartney-Snape made it to the summit of Everest carrying a super 8 camera and all of his gear.

Over three months, he traveled 745 miles across and 29,029 feet up, thus concluding a true sea to summit ascent of the world’s highest peak. A feat accomplished entirely without oxygen or a support team to haul gear. To this day nobody has repeated his endeavor.


Article by: Gear Junkie

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Costa Reefton Glasses Review

Sunglasses are an often overlooked critical piece of fishing equipment. Your power of observation is as equally as important as your ability to cast, especially when fishing shallow. I’ve been wearing the new Reefton frames and lenses from Costa since early this spring. 

The Reefton is named for a town in New Zealand rich with rivers and some of the finest freshwater fishing in the world. These frames in combination with Costa’s 580 lenses were made with exploring new waters in mind.

Costa Reefton mirror copper lenses and matte blue frame / Jason Sealock

The frames feature a large footprint for not only bigger heads but also for way more coverage area and side glare blocking for long days on the water. Eye fatigue is a very overlooked factor in fishing. If you fish long days, several days in a row and especially when you fish shallow, your eyes will suffer tremendous fatigue with out strong sunglasses with protective lenses and glare blocking coatings.

Their layered 580G lenses feature some of the best yellow light blocking, high energy blue light absorbing polarized encapsulated mirror lenses available on any sunglasses anywhere. So it cuts out the bad light, filters the light spectrum to give you much improved clarity with a lot less strain and effort. The offer them in colors that can filter all the varieties of light from dark cloudy morning to bright sunny afternoons.


Review by: Jason Sealock

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Costa: Accessory to checkout Featured on

THE GREAT OUTDOORS — As spring shakes out its final batch of storms, there are clear skies and warmer weather on the horizon. Not to mention that fact that many of Utah’s lakes and reservoirs will be filled to the highest levels in years.

Yes, this will be an amazing summer season for outdoor adventures. Here is a handful of outdoor products you may want to check out.

Costa Cook Sunglasses

PRICE: $219


Most people buy Costa sunglasses for the lenses, which have 100 percent UV light blockage and eliminate reflected glare so effectively that it saves your eyes a lot of strain. It should also be noted that they provide crisp vision that helps you see into the water and discern depth. Any advantage you can have while fishing is good, making Costas a top choice for many guides.

With Costa’s Cook sunglasses, however, the frames actually rise to the occasion and rival the lenses for wow factor. They’re unbelievably lightweight and comfy, with added flexibility near the temples. This description may make the frames sound a little flimsy, but they’re still built tough. And there’s Hydrolite material on the temples to give them tackiness, so they won’t slip off your face when wet.

Thanks to the unique frames on these aviators, they’re easily one of the best entries in Costa’s long line products.


Costa: Finally A Lens To Offset Clouds And Low Sun

Bright sunlight is to sightcasting what heat is to cooking.

But perhaps now spotting fish will require far less surface-penetrating light than we thought was necessary. Imagine a technology that provides us the ability to see through cloud-glare on a bay surface or in low-light situations. Those are the promises of the next evolutionary step in polarized eye wear.

And as usual, Costa Del Mar is leading the way.

Perhaps my opening point is overstated, but most anglers agree the ability to spot a submerged fish before it sees you then exacting a cast to it requires a polarized lens that allows our vision to penetrate beyond glare reflected on a bay surface. The convergence of several key elements are required to experience the pure joy of repeatedly hitting a mark with a lure and watching a fish engulf it.

It appears Costa Del Mar understands this premise, based on the company's advancements toward eliminating or at least diminishing one of the major negatives that hinders this joyful convergence. They're calling this new sightcasting tool the Sunrise Silver Mirror lens.



Costa’s Sunrise Silver Mirror Lens Introduced

Costa Sunglasses, manufacturer of polarized sunglasses for all fishing pursuits, announces the release of a new lens for 2017. The Sunrise Silver Mirror lens is ideal for low light situations, great for any sight casting applications and Costa’s most versatile lens for changing light conditions.


The Sunrise Silver Mirror allows 30 percent light transmission versus the typical 10-12 percent and does this successfully while maintaining a 99 percent polarization efficiency – making it the highest light transmission of any polarized lens on the market.

“Having been in field testing with some of our pro staff since last summer, the early indicators are we have a game changer,” remarks John Sanchez, vice president of product design for Costa. “It will transform the way sight fishing anglers approach wearing glasses throughout the day. The Sunrise Silver Mirror sharpens contrast all day but performs best under the toughest low light conditions making it ideal for dusk and dawn performance and cloudy fishing days. The mirrored finish also helps deflect harsh light away from the eye to ease eye strain and help reduce eye fatigue.”

Costa's Newest Whitetip Sunglasses

Check out the newest mid-sized frames from Costa.  The Whitetip is made from Costa’s heavy duty TR90 BIO resin frame and features their very durable cam action integral pin hinges.  The Whitetip has a built in venting system to enhance performance while chasing fish in steamy, tropical climates.  The ear pieces feature a strip of Hydrolite that prevents slippage and makes them ultra comfortable to wear.  No worry about attaching your straps, built in temple holes will give you a sturdy connection.

Of course, Whitetip frames will accept any of Costa’s cutting edge lenses for 100% UV light blockage and 100% polarization to eliminate reflected glare, thus reducing eye strain.  


New Rimless Sunglasses by Costa

For adventure lovers and experience seekers alike, the world knows no bounds. For these people, Costa introduces its new line of rimless sunglasses, the Boundless collection. Built for living life outside the limits, each of the eightrimless styles are incredibly lightweight, with a comfortable “forget-they’re-on” fit for all day wear.

Costa’s Boundless line includes four new styles, West Bay, Seagrove, Gulf Shore and Oyster Bay, as well as four existing rimless options, Ballast, Cayan, Galveston and Rockport. Six of the eight rimless sunglasses (excluding Rockport and Cayan) will be available for the first time with a green mirror lens option, as well as gray, copper, and blue mirror, in Costa’s patented color enhancing polarized 580™ lenses.

The brand’s 580 lens technology selectively filters out harsh yellow and harmful high-energy ultraviolet blue light. Filtering yellow light enhances reds, blues and greens, and produces better contrast and definition while reducing glare and eye fatigue. Absorbing high-energy blue light cuts haze, producing greater visual clarity and sharpness.

Costa’s 580™ lenses, the clearest lenses on the planet, are available in all of the rimless styles in impact resistant, lightweight polycarbonate material. Each rimless style is also available in customized prescription lenses, handcrafted in Costa’s in-house optical lab.

Costa’s new West Bay style, named for the long inlet alongside Galveston Island in Texas, is a medium sport aviator, blending a classic shape with performance features such as durable integral hinge technology and hypoallergenic rubberized nose pads and temple tips for superior fit. Frame color choices include shiny black and shiny tortoise.

The Seagrove style offers a square-shaped rimless lens, accommodating a variety of face shapes with its large and relaxed fit. Also available in shiny black and tortoise frame choices, rubberized temple tips keep the sunglasses comfortably in place all day.